Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Landscape trees require professional care to keep them looking their best

Of all tree maintenance procedures, tree trimming and pruning is the most common. Our highly trained team of tree trimming experts use hand tools such as pole prunes and pole saws – as opposed to chainsaws – to safely and effectively trim trees with surgeon precision.

Common reasons for tree trimming include health, safety, size reduction and aesthetics.


The easiest way to keep your trees healthy and beautiful is to schedule routine trimming and pruning. Our tree experts can remove diseased or infested branches, remove branches that rub against each other or thin the crown to improve airflow.


Just as we trim and prune trees for the health of the tree, we also trim and prune for the health and safety of people and property. Our tree experts will remove branches that could potentially cause damage, those that interfere with lines of sight and those that grow into utility lines.

Size Reduction

Pruning trees that have grown too tall or wide is another job best left in the hands of an experienced tree trimmer. Our experienced professionals understand how to trim your trees so they retain their good shape and structure – and to keep them looking their best.


Our experienced tree trimmers can enhance the natural shape and beauty of your trees through a series of precision cuts. Not only does this improve the tree's appearance, it also helps stimulate flower production.

We do not top trees!

Tree topping refers to the removal of whole tree tops, leaving lateral branches that are too small to take on the role of terminal leader.

Topping stresses trees and looks terrible. Not only that, but tree topping can actually starve a tree. It can trigger survival mechanisms like the rapid growth of multiple shoots below each cut and frantic root growth.

These shoots and roots are more susceptible to breakage, especially in heavy wind. Tree topping not only ruins your tree's aesthetic beauty, it's likely to result in the tree's untimely death.

Scientific research shows alternative methods such as crown thinning and size reduction are far better for your tree's health and obtain the same results.

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